NFL Draft 2014: A UK Viewing Guide

Kansas City selected Eric Fisher first overall in the 2013 NFL Draft. Who will go number one this year?

With just over 24 hours until the 2014 NFL Draft gets underway, it’s time to decide how you’ll enjoy the event if you’re living in the unfriendly UK television timezone. The draft will commence at around 1 a.m in Western Europe, so if you want to soak in the full viewing experience make sure you first read this handy guide.

Where to Watch

Sky Sports have been at the forefront of American Football coverage in the UK for over a decade now and thankfully for Sky subscribers they are airing the first day of the draft live and in its entirety. Make sure you tune in, at any time from 10 p.m onwards, to experience the build up and the draft itself as the Sky Sports experts analyse the 32 picks made in round one. If you aren’t a Sky Sports customer then you’ll struggle to get the full draft experience – however you can stream the draft live from although you’ll require an excellent internet connection due to the millions of people from around the globe who’ll be trying to do the exact same thing.

Keeping Up to Date With the Picks

Watching the draft on television is great and everything, but if you’re a real draft freak you’ll want to keep abreast of who’s already been selected and which teams are on the clock next. You can do so by once again heading to and clicking on their live draft tracker, which details who was selected at each pick as well as offering useful information on draft day trades, draft prospects remaining in the process and highlights of the draftees in action. For a more opinionated take on the draft day events head to where they’ll break down each selection and trade, offering their expert opinion in the process. Make sure you’re active on twitter too – follow the likes of Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) for up to the minute news from New York as the draft unfolds.

It’s Better With Friends

Sure, the draft is entertaining to watch on your own if you’re an NFL fanatic and your team has a high selection. But once they’ve made their choice you’ll want someone to rant at, be happy with or analyse the rest of the selections made by the other 31 franchises as the night progresses. With up to ten minutes between picks there can be some slow moments during the draft and if you want to avoid falling asleep in the wee hours of Friday morning try and persuade a fellow NFL fan, or even an NFL newbie, to watch the annual event with you in the comfort of your living room. If they need persuading then don’t hesitate to rustle up some snacks or get some drinks in – like an actual NFL game the draft is littered with ad breaks so you’ll have plenty of time to make the journey to and from the kitchen.

Do Your Homework

Last but not least: clue up! Before the draft gets underway have a look around the internet for as many draft related articles and mock drafts as you can find. The evening will be much more enjoyable and you’ll feel far more knowledgeable if you do some research and find out who the ‘can’t miss’ prospects and draft day sleepers are, plus you’ll be less likely to utter “who?” when Jadaveon Clowney is taken in the first five picks. Highlight packages of all of the prospects are available on and YouTube so if you’re more visually inclined take a peek at the potential draftees in action, and give yourself an edge over your other NFL supporting pals.

Be sure to follow @fredjstanley for live tweets of the draft, and feel free to leave a comment here if you’ve got something to say about the event


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